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Musicology is commited to providing each student with the best music lesson experience possible. The instructors at Musicology are not just excellent musicians, they are excellent teachers as well.



Here are some of the things that set Musicology apart:


Teaching Excellence:

- The curriculum and teaching methodologies used at Musicology have been developed personally by Steve Denning through his extensive experience as a professional musical educator and educational therapist. Please click here to read his qualifications.

- Musicology's instructors are all skilled educators that have been trained to discover how each individual student learns in order to speed up the learning process, and to reduce frustration.

- Musicology's instructors strive to provide lessons that are equally balanced between informative instruction and fun! They understand that if fun is the key component to music lessons, then students will assimilate knowledge much faster!

- Students will learn music theory and will learn how to apply it to songs that they like!

- Musicology offers group classes in order to help students learn and have fun playing music together! Students are encouraged to join group ensemble classes, such as Rockology, in order to learn how to apply their lessons to creating & performing music with others.



- Musicology's instructors will teach your student to read music & play songs by ear!

- The lessons are designed to be informative and thorough, but not to the extent that students get bored and hate playing their instrument!



- Musicology only accepts instructors that have a proven history of excellent teaching, musicianship, responsibility, & integrity.

- Musicology's instructors are extensively and continually trained in new educational techniques in order to better their craft.

- Musicology's instructors are all professional music teachers as well as professional musicians.



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This why Musicology has the best music lessons in Temecula, CA


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