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Steve & Charlene Denning, the owners of Musicology, have been passionate about music education for well over 13 years.


Steve Denning holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from UC Irvine. He has been a full-time music teacher and professional musician for over 15 years. Steve has toured nationally more than once, playing with both smaller acts and with larger, well-known artists, including television and radio performances.

Since beginning his teaching career, he has taught hundreds of students of all ages and skill levels how to be great drummers, and great musicians. Many of his students have gone on to play at the collegiate level, and a few have even played in nationally touring acts.

While he frequently performs and records with various artists in many different styles, his passion is for teaching. He has held many drum and percussion clinics at various schools in both Riverside and Orange Counties. Steve also has extensive experience teaching children and adults with various disabilities such as: autism, Asperger's syndrome, schizophrenia, dyslexia, and various other disabilities; he also spent three years as an educational therapist at the McNichol’s Learning Center and the National Dyslexia Foundation.

Because of his special training and experience teaching kids with disabilities, Steve began teaching disabled students that other music teachers could not teach. This has allowed Steve to gain valuable experience teaching guitar and piano in addition to drums and percussion and directly led to the development of the curriculum used at Musicology. All of the music teachers at Musicology are trained in techniques that Steve learned or developed over the years in order to better facilitate the learning of music.

Steve's innovative instructional techniques maximize the student's interest, while at the same time providing the student with quality music instruction. He sets very high standards for all of his instructors and personally manages them to maintain the highest quality of music education possible.

Charlene Denning is also a skilled educator and vocalist. For the past 10 years, she has successfully homeschooled her child and was responsible for developing and implementing a curriculum that greatly augmented the curriculum supplied to her by the Irvine School District. She constantly strives to ensure that the quality of education she provides is the highest possible.

After building an outstanding reputation among the Irvine School District's Homeschool Program, she began mentoring & teaching other homeschool teachers; she helped them to develop & refine their curriculum, and taught them how to implement the curriculum with their students. In addition, she has taught many of these teachers new, innovative teaching methodologies and strategies.

Together, Steve & Charlene Denning are deeply committed to offering the most fun, innovative, creative, and informative music lesson experience possible, and they both actively supervise all of their teachers to ensure the highest quality music lesson experience possible for all of their clients.