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At Musicology, we strive to provide the most interactive, informative, and fun music lesson experience possible! Here are some basic facts about our music teaching methodologies and what you can expect to learn in our private lessons:


Each Student Will Learn:

- How to play the style of music that they like.

- How to read music and apply it to songs.

- How to improvise when playing along with songs.

- Proper instrument technique.

- How to create and play solos.

- How to perform! Musicology offers recital opportunities for students frequently throughout the year and fun group classes that help students learn to play music together!


Each Lesson Is:

- In person or online.

- One-on-one (although group classes are available).

- Tailored to the needs and personality of each student.

- Highly educational and very, very fun!


Musicology's Instructors Teach:

- Ages 4 and up.

- At a safe, professional music school where parents are welcomed to sit-in during the lessons if they so desire.

- At a fully equipped music studio where each room has been specifically designed for each instrument.

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