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Welcome Lighthouse Parents & Students!


We at Musicology are so happy to be offering music classes at Lighthouse for the school year!



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- What is Musicology?

* Musicology is Temecula's premier music school. We are dedicated to providing each individual student with the most fun, informative, music lesson experience possible. Please navigate the rest of our site and learn more about us!


- When and where are classes being held?

* Classes are being held at Lighthouse on Thursday mornings during regular classroom hours.


- How do I sign-up now?


- Does my child need an instrument?

* Students will greatly benefit from having a guitar or uke that they can bring in for their classes, but having an instrument is not required. Musicology will not be providing instruments for students. Please feel free to contact us for inexpensive recommendations or for more details.


- Guitar & Uke Recommendations?

* The guitar that we usually like to recommend to students has been out of stock on Amazon. Here is a link to a decent starter guitar with a smaller body that will be easier for most students to play on. Here is a link to another guitar that is cheaper, but has a bigger body and will be a little harder to play. Here is a link to a good Uke.



























29700 Rancho California Rd #9, Temecula, Ca 92591

(951) 694-6040